Exhibition: The Liquid Archive

Soft opening 5th September – 18th October.

The Liquid Archive explores the impact of digital photography on art within the exhibition space.

Asking in what ways new image capturing technologies inflect and infect the exhibition space, amid the centuries old phenomena of the collectively produced story of art.  Does the ease of production and widely circulated distribution of the image of the exhibition, slipping from laptop to smart phone with increasing speed and fluidity, circumnavigate the need for the exhibition at all? 

Talk - The Liquid Archive - Exhibition Collapsed: Saturday 19th September  14:00 – 16:00

Damian Griffiths, Margarida Gouveia, and Emily Magnuson will address the role of the digital image in relation to documentation and the treatment of the photograph as exhibition.

Talk - The Liquid Archive – Exhibition/Distribution: Saturday 3rd Oct  14:00 – 16:00

Paul Teasdale, Louisa Riley Smith, Cristina Garrido and Ami Clarke discuss a distributed sense of the exhibition, in both its making, and its preserving, touching on social media, processual works within online frameworks, and archival projects.