During the exhibition Snow Crash there was an emphasis on works in production during the exhibition period and you can purchase these items (below) from the

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Published during the exhibition Snow Crash: The Outage (see above), a work by Erica Scourti, is a ghostwritten memoir based on her digital footprint, the first in a series of books that collectively make up the work Shadow Sides, published by Banner Repeater.   Each book draws on profiles and data based on her public and semi-private online activity, obtained through the expertise of professionals working within the fields of cyber security, digital privacy, and social profiling. Working with a different ghostwriter for each book, the material collected informs the basis of each new text narrating her memoirs, extrapolating different versions of her aggregate data self, constructed through her digital footprint.  

You can purchase The Outage


Produced during the exhibition period: Neoliberal Agitprop Poster by Jesse Darling

#losermilitia  #glorious  #sellout

This political slogan is laid out in the font Jesse Darling Ultra Normal, designed by Michael Oswell.

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Listen to Anna Barhams latest chapter in her on-going audio production, generated from the in production reading groups held at BR, here:

Penetrating Squid chapter 2

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