12th December 7-9pm.

To mark the last weekend of the installation: Low Animal Spirits at Banner Repeater we have the pleasure of inviting you to a talk with


Nick Srnicek, Jessica Owens and Reza Negarestani.

Algorithms, Zerowork, and Planning

In a world of increasing complexity, algorithms are rapidly changing the political terrain. This talk will examine the increasing generality of algorithms and look at how they are transforming two classical (and seemingly opposed) demands of the left: for a reduction of work and for democratic control over work. The first part will look at how algorithms are transforming labour processes and what they portend for class composition over the coming decades. The second half will examine the potentials inherent in algorithms and computer modelling for visualizing complex systems and rendering them manipulable. A world of complex globality requires such technologies, yet they bring with them a new set of obscured political decisions.

Nick Srnicek is a Fellow in Geopolitics and Globalisation at UCL. He is co-author with Alex Williams of Inventing the Future (Verso, 2015), and the editor with Levi Bryant and Graham Harman of The Speculative Turn (Re.press, 2010).