Other productions in progress and events during:


2nd May - 29th June.

Erica Scourti, Jesse Darling, Yuri Pattison, Tyler Coburn, Anna Barham, and Ami Clarke.


New productions + programme of accompanying events.

The early 19th century saw numerous improvements in printing, publishing and book-distribution processes, with the introduction of steam-powered printing presses, pulp mills, automatic type setting, and a network of railways.  These innovations enabled publishers to mass-produce cheap paperbacks and distribute and sell them across the UK and Ireland, principally via the ubiquitous W H Smith & Sons newsagent found at most urban British Railway stations.

“The term ‘communication’ has had an extensive use in connection with roads and bridges, sea routes, rivers, and canals, even before it became transformed into ‘information movement’ in the electric age.  Perhaps there is no more suitable way of defining the character of the electric age than by first studying the rise of the idea of transportation as communication, and then the transition of the idea from transport to information by means of electricity.”  Marshall McLuhan.

Banner Repeater is enmeshed within a site rich in a historical sense, as well as providing an opportunity to reflect on more recent writing and publishing technologies; their distribution and dissemination.  New publications: both digital and print, as well as other hybrid productions, are published by Banner Repeater, adopting this lead in the distribution of new artists’ works from the platform at Hackney Downs train station.




Launch: Artists talk, performance and new print edition.

Publication Launch and Artists talk – Erica Scourti.

Launch of Erica Scourti’s new fictional memoir published by Banner Repeater, and artists talk with data analyst and ghostwriter, the co-authors and contributors to the new text. 

Audio performance - Anna Barham.

Performance of the new work produced over the development period of the exhibition from the ‘In production’ reading group / workshop, interpreting the volume of raw, un-punctuated text that informs Penetrating Squid.

New Print edition by Jesse Darling – new screen-print edition developed from the work on display during the exhibition period.