Launch: The Virosexuals by Orion J. Facey.  Published by PSS.


18 Sept 

Launch Pre-Order: The Virosexuals by Orion J. Facey. £15

Launch T Shirts: The Virosexuals printed by Max Free Print. £25


With purchase, receive a digital download of Orion J.

Facey and Elin McCready in conversation about The Virosexuals, 2019.


4 October 1 - 2pm BST (9 - 10pm Tokyo) Live via Jitsi


Online reading group: Orion J. Facey leads a reading group and discussion of a science-fiction short story 


Sign up here for the reading group.  Please note that spaces are limited so please sign up asap.  You will be sent a link to the reading and the online meeting room closer to the time.


20 Oct time 9 - 10am BST (5 - 6pm Tokyo) 


In conversation Taylor Le Melle and Orion J. Facey will be discussing common threads that emerge between The Virosexuals and other written works across film, tv, and academic writing. 


Radio Broadcast from Banner Repeater website


Topics to expect: sex, prosthetics, disease-less-vacuums, erotics, non-monogamous relationship dynamics


References: Hold Tight Gently, Martin Duberman; An Image Doubled, Jennifer Martin; Testo Junkie, Paul B. Preciado


Orion Facey (IG: @orionfacey) is a science fiction author living in Tokyo.


Taylor Le Melle writes, organises and produces objects. With PSS, Taylor has published and edited numerous artists’ books. With not/nowhere, an artist workers’ cooperative, they have organised over 50 workshops and events to provide contemporary artists with training and space to experiment with writing, movement and film.


21 Nov 1-2p GMT (10 - 11pm Tokyo) (pre-recorded)


‘The Textile Mirror’ - online discussion, participants tbc


Writers, artists, dancers and thinkers, will come together to discuss threads and feelings, springing from a fabric architecture prototype, Textile Mirror by American architect Felicia Davis.


From the architect’s description:


Imagine you have just experienced an emotional event, and as you enter the room, the walls begin to recede and crumple into tight patterns reflecting the pain you feel inside. Perhaps you are implicitly broadcasting your emotions via sensors either from your phone or via a wearable. Perhaps you have expressed an emotional state on a mobile application only to discover its effects on your environment.

Would this experience alter your current state or reinforce it?


The Textile Mirror is a prototype wall panel that changes shape in response to people’s emotions. In particular, I envision that this prototype could be used to help a user modify their emotional state from stressed or angry to happy and calm, simply by attempting

to transform the shape of the fabric. My intent was for the user to observe the fabric changing in reaction to her stressful state, and then reflect on their emotional state in order to try to relax. The Textile Mirror as shown here uses a mobile phone as the user interface, and is actuated by nitinol wires sewn into the back of the fabric.


Accompanying reading:


please go to ….link to download J.G Ballard’s 1962 short story “1000 Dreams of Stellavista.” (Ballard, J.G. 1000 Dreams of stellavista. The Complete Stories of J.G. Ballard. W.W. Norton & Co. New York, 2001.)

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