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18th February - Sunday 3rd April 2011


Clunie Reid appropriates images, symbols and text from the everyday abundance of imagery and text of advertising and mundane media outlet that we are surrounded by.


Revelling in the trashy materials of throw away culture, shiny paper, stickers and tape, her drawings implicitly demand a substantial engagement from the viewing audience, using satire to break through normative readings of stereotypical cliches and insisting on an interrogation fuelled by humour.


In a not dissimilar way to a diagram, they allow for "knowledge of the other circumstances which one does not see". (P. Stewart.)


Clunie Reid has recently shown work for the "Art Now" programme at Tate Britain with James Richards, and she was in "Newspeak: British Art Now" at the Saatchi Gallery in 2010. She had a solo show at Studio Voltaire in 2010: "Dumb Down, Get Dressed, Move Out". She was selected for East International (2007) and won the John Jones Art on Paper Award at Zoo Art Fair (2008). She is represented by MOT international.


Reid has put together a publication for the exhibition: 'Melanie Griffith's Knee', which will be on display, and is available for downloading here.

There are instructions for printing if desired, we recommend servicepointuk.

Poster: Reid has kindly produced a poster for BR, printed on holographic paper, free to take away by visitors. There are a limited number of these and they will be distributed per week throughout the exhibition.




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