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The Virosexuals

by Orion J. Facey

Cover artwork

by Danielle Brathwaite-Shirley


Published by

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The Virosexuals: A Radio Play

​27 November 8pm on Twitch


Reading from scenes of The Virosexuals,

Orion J. Facey is joined by artists

Jesse Darling, G, Christopher Kirubi, Natasha Lall, Rehana Zaman and more.


Please join us for the pre-launch of Orion J. Facey’s fantastic, and inadvertently timely, first cyberpunk novel.


The Virosexuals is a science-fantasy you won’t regret plugging into...  



Manchester, UK. 2080.

    Amygdala’s dealer ran off on her. She’s out of estrogen, and so when Alejandro offers her a bountiful supply of ‘mones if she works for him – doing what? – she’s not super sure…

What she does know: Eschatos 2.0 is trying to kill her. There’s a rumour buzzing on The Chat. A deadly virus, nicknamed ‘Petitmort’, is going around, manufactured by Eschatos 2.0, and maybe only those who have the latest update of the Treehouse Link installed are susceptible. Could Alejandro’s mission for Amygdala be connected to this virus sweeping the underground kink and BDSM scene?

Amygdala’s world consists of: her open relationship with Cel, her philosophical musings and drugged-up rants with her best friend Skunk/Winny, as well as her pursuit of all the completely curable (and thus fetishised) meatspace ‘zeases the club scene can offer. She tries to negotiate her body, her sexuality and her desires and find the source of the ‘Petitmort' threat…!


Orion J. Facey is a writer of science-fantasy and a textile artist raised in Lancashire, now based in Tokyo, Japan.  The Virosexuals is Orion J. Facey’s first full length novel.  The Virosexuals explores: sex, prosthetics, disease-less-vacuums, erotics, non-monogamous relationship dynamics, espionage, android assassins, hackers…!

A newly commissioned artwork by artist Danielle Brathwaite-Shirley is featured on the front cover of the PSS edition of the novel, in its first printing in Europe. 

The Virosexuals book and t-shirt are available for pre-sale.

Published by PSS, an independent publisher of printed matter, working with a variety of practitioners across art, poetry and theory, producing original publications as well as reprinted and unarchived text.  They have worked with many important emerging, as well as more established writers and artists, such as Victoria Sin, Rehana Zaman, Daniella Valz Gen, Catarina Barroso-Luque, Imani Robinson and Rowan Powell.   

Taylor Le Melle writes, organises and produces objects. Taylor is editor/publisher of The Virosexuals and is a founding member of PSS through which they have published and edited numerous artists’ books. With not/nowhere, an artist workers’ cooperative, they have organised over 50 workshops and events to provide contemporary artists with training and space to experiment with writing, movement and film.

Supported by Banner Repeater as part of the Digital Archive of Artists’ Publishing (DAAP) with Wikimedia UK, associated programme. The Digital Archive of Artists Publishing (DAAP) is an interactive, user-driven, searchable database of Artists’ Books and publications, that acts as a hub to engage with others, built by artists, publishers, and a community of producers in contemporary Artists’ Publishing, developed via an ethically driven design process and open-data methodology. 



watch an interview with Orion Facey and Elin McCready discussing The Virosexuals


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