Banner Repeater reading group.  Tuesday 12th September at Banner Repeater 7-9pm.

Living Currency with Fanny Paul Clinton and Ami Clarke.

We will have read and be discussing: Living Currency

By Pierre Klossowski Translated from the French by Jordan Levinson

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Writer, editor and curator Fanny Paul Clinton’s recent article Illicit Trade surveys the intellectual complexities of the theoretician, writer, and painter Pierre Klossowski’s erotic theory of economics, in La Monnaie vivante.


Foucault’s gushing letter of appreciation describes a triangle of ‘desire, value, and simulacrum’ – that dominates us, and, starting so many centuries ago, has constituted us throughout our history.


Fanny Paul Clinton joins Ami Clarke in discussion with the reading group, to consider the currency of these ideas amongst the flows, affects, and tensions between the political economy and libidinal economy, within which the ever-increasing financialization of the subject now seems to occur. 

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