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April 5th- 20th May 2012


Banner Repeater presents a new commissioned installation by Amanda Beech. By combining collage, decoupage, photography, printed media, painting and sculptural elements THE CHURCH THE BANK AND THE ART GALLERY creates a violent visual environment pasted and sprayed onto the walls, and which also cuts gently into the physical and imagined space of the gallery. 


Inside the Bank of Sicily, Palermo, is a Mormon Church, bankrolling the deals that established one of the art world’s largest private collections of Modern Art.


Each structure of power is the mark of our habitual perception. The recognition of their connectivity coalesces the world of the chance encounter with the territory of inevitability. It is the manifestation of the binding of power as fate.


The desire for this unique correspondence reveals our less visible and more entrenched habit; that is, our blind faith in the idea of a bottom-line reason; the very idea of a scheme that can make sense of things. And making these connections is the big pay off to darker forms of knowledge, to deeper capitalistic stabilities enhanced through mystical unions, it is the axis of power and the truth of it all.


But: One thing happens after another…  so now what defines our science?


Beech's works spring from her interests and research into non-representational realism and the force of the image, operations and structures of power and the question of how art is capable, if at all, of a politics.



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