Publishing as, or with, a gallery
chaired by Lizzie Homersham

Francesca Vinter - Jerwood Gallery
Nicola Guy - Flat Time House
Lauren Houlton - Whitechapel Gallery

Distribution and digital alternatives

chaired by Ami Clarke

Tom Clark - BAK
Sara MacKillop - Artists Self Publishing Fair
Ami Clarke - Banner Repeater
Silvio Lorusso
- Post-Digital Publishing Archive

The lifespan of books

chaired by Karen di Franco

Jane Rolo - Book Works
Arnaud Desjardin - Marcus Campbell Art Books
Gustavo Montero - Chelsea Collection
Christian Hiller
- Haus der Kulturen der Welt

Thinking Through Publishing.

Friday 12th February 2016.  10am - 6pm.


Held at Central Saint Martins, organised by Nicola Guy, Flat Time House, and Ami Clarke, Banner Repeater.


Thinking Through Publishing is a broad-reach peer-learning symposium for those interested in publishing in the arts, publishing as artists, and expanded ideas of publishing that relate to the distributed art work and archival concerns, and other conceptual models that come of publishing. The three panels address a wide range of approaches, including publishing within the gallery system, a focus on how digital productions and alternative models of distribution work, the artist publication as art-work and exhibition, and the lifespan of artists’ publishing, with several experts in the field working today. Each panel will end with a discussion and questions from the audience, with a final round-up at the end of the day, through which we hope to encourage a space of learning and thinking through publishing together.




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