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2nd Dec - 12th February 2011


Curated by Duncan White and Steven Ball of the British Artists’ Film and Video Study Collection, Central St Martins College of Art and Design.

Artists: Steven Ball, Ian Breakwell & Mike Leggett, Steve Hawley, Louis Henderson, David Lamelas, Laure Prouvost, Richard Serra, Erica Scourti, John Smith, pete spence, Maria Theodoraki and Ryszard Wasko.

Light Writing considers the relationship between word and image in artists experimental film and video.

Animated text is commonplace in everyday contemporary media, but artists have been experimenting with the interface of word, language, image and movement in film and video for decades through formal exploration. This programme of works by historically significant, established and emerging contemporary artists encompasses a range of approaches to mobilising the visual, semantic and linguistic with puns, palindromes and performance; referencing literature, philosophy, poetry, and media.

The programme is part of 'Light Writing' an event based research project into the relationship between word and image in experimental film and video. Light Writing is led by Dr Duncan White, based at British Artists' Film and Video Study Collection, Central St Martins College of Art and Design.



Light Writing

(3:30, 2001, UK)
John Smith

Trailer Truths III
(2:30, 2004, UK)
Erica Scourti

Reading Of An Extract From Labyrinths By J.L. Borges
(5:00, 1970, UK)
David Lamelas
courtesy of LUX

Visual Poem 12 for Paula Claire
(3:00, 1994, Australia)
Pete Spence

Spool Loops
(1:15, 2010, UK)
Steve Hawley

Television Delivers People
(6:29, 1973, USA)
Richard Serra

Direct Language 5.1
(7:36, 2010, UK)
Steven Ball

A Video by Marcel Broodthaers
(5:55, 2010, UK)
Louis Henderson

(0:28, 2010, UK)
Maria Theodoraki

(extract, 1970, UK)
Ian Breakwell and Mike Leggett
courtesy of Anthony Reynolds Gallery, London

(4:00, 1973, Poland)
Ryszard Wasko

You are the Only One
(1:30, 2008, UK)
Laure Prouvost
copyright Laure Prouvost courtesy MOT INTERNATIONAL


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