El Impublicado - The Unpublisher

Editors: Isaac Olvera and Ami Clarke.

Contributions from writers: Nadia Cortés and Miguel Trancozo, with Isaac Olvera and Ami Clarke.


Banner Repeater UN-PUBLISH ISSN 2050-795X 2015.


El Impublicado developed from a period of residency in April/May 2015, and exhibition (26th April - 28th June) at Museo Universitario Del Chopo, Mexico City. It included a presentation of publications from the Banner Repeater Archive of Artists’ Publishing, displayed alongside an installation of the work Low Animal Spirits - a High Frequency Trading algorithm dealing in world news - by Ami Clarke and Richard Cochrane, and the speculative headline twitter feed @LowAnimalSpirit.


During the residency there were four seminars held by Ami Clarke and Isaac Olvera to discuss the conceptual apparatus’ of publishing, distribution, and dissemination in the 21st Century which led to El Impublicado being devloped with two writers that attended the seminars. It takes Mexico’s The Economist - El Economista - as it’s reference, and writers and artists wrote on and through new technologies to consider current conditions relating to publishing, distribution and dissemination.


El Impublicado developed with writers who joined us in conversation during the seminars.




More details about Banner Repeater's residency at Museo Universitario Del Chopo, Mexico City.



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