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The reading group is an open group, of interested people, with the purpose of examining Object Oriented Ontology and recent discussions of the ontology of matter as it is relevant to the visual arts.

Initially there were selected readings by Rebecca La Marre, Karen Di Franco and Ami Clarke, with others also contributing material.  Rebecca La Marre unfortunately had to leave us to return to Canada in 2015, and
Karen Di Franco whilst often still in attendance has taken a back seat whilst focussing on her PhD thesis since 2016.

Invited guest speakers select texts and present work that interrogates Object Oriented Ontology, opening it up for broader discussion and a feminist critique of its instrumentalization.



Contributors to the groups reading material have included: Indianna Farrell, Steve Klee, Emily Rosamond, Bridget Crone, Laboria Cuboniks: Diann Bauer and Patricia Reed, Anna Salamon, Katy Connor, Lizzie Homersham, Rebecca Le Marre, Karen De Franco, Ami Clarke.


Each session is shown in the drop down menu under 'reading group' with the selected reading material to download.

Please join the reading group on facebook if you are interested in joining the conversation.


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