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Deeper in the Pyramid Publication

Deeper in the Pyramid is the title of an expansive body of work by artist Melanie Jackson, comprising of sculpture, animation, installation and this publication, in graphic novel format, written in collaboration with Esther Leslie.

In response to the Covid-19 pandemic and the resulting difficulty of accessing libraries and galleries during this time, Melanie and Esther have generously given us permission to share a PDF download of this publication for free. Please note the file is 180mb.


Prepare to be taken on a journey of lactic abstractions, through the webs of bio-invasion and collective fantasy that interconnect various life forms through milk, its technologies and representations. The ontologies of species and gender have always been shaped by our relations with this primal liquid, and ensuring a ready supply has driven research in genetics, fertility and robotics. It is now open for radical transformation as new bio-organisms emerge, and real science merges with the fantastic.

Deeper in the Pyramid was a project developed with Banner Repeater, Grand Union, Birmingham, and Primary, Nottingham, in 2018.

Copyright, Melanie Jackson and Esther Leslie, 2018, Designed by Modern Activity.


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