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ARCADIA_MISSA in residence at Banner Repeater.

Using Banner Repeater as a site of production for a public editorial process, Arcadia_Missa have invited writers Hannah Black and William Kherbek to collectively re-write and co-dismantle the recent working text UN-PUBLISH 2.03: Revolutionizing Desire: A Reclamation of Representation for its Affective Potential

OPENING EVENT READING GROUP: Wednesday 30th January, 2013, 7-9pm.

The residency will open with a reading group serving to introduce the working text:

UN-PUBLISH 2.03: Revolutionizing Desire:  A Reclamation of Representation for its Affective Potential, by Arcadia_Missa published in November 2012 by Banner Repeater (first distributed at State and Lore). 

We will have read:

To Have Done With The Massacre of the Body, Felix Guattari, 1973

Considering Guattari's text within the current context of Tiqqun’s ‘Young-Girl’ and Jodi Dean’s critique of communicative capitalism, we hope to discuss and develop Guattari's concepts of ‘the body’ in relation to formulating an affective on-line labour.

The text was an important sources for Arcadia_Missa and will serve as an introduction to further investigate the text over the coming months.  

Copies will be available to take away for free of the recently published UN-PUBLISH 2.03:

Published by Banner Repeater, 2012.
ISSN 2050-795X

Revolutionizing Desire: A Reclamation of Representation for its Affective Potential is a text on Representation after the Internet. Asking if it is possible for us to exist within communicative capitalism and engage in a language of representation that maintains (or re-finds) authentic subjectivity within a framework of constant information, or is representation simply a site for self-consumption?

It was produced as a working text by Arcadia_Missa to form the basis for a series of discussions and events at Banner Repeater, accommodating a public editorial process that will dis-assemble the working text, and collectively arrive at a new text for publication.

Using Banner Repeater as a site of production during the residency period, both the working text and reference material will serve as points of entry to begin to work towards an experimental re-drafting of the text to be published in April.

Printing on-site drafts as they come about, as well as other supplementary material, the project space will house the working developments of the text, screening the on-line working document as well as documentation of other visual material produced during the public editorial process.

Throughout the residency Arcadia_Missa will be in discussion with invited guests Hannah Black and William Kherbek.

The project space will be utilised as a site for the public editorial process on the 8th February and the 8th, 15th and 22nd March, during which times, all are welcome to visit to ask questions and/or posit ideas to the group. 

 The public launch of the second version of the text will be on Wednesday the 10th of April featuring talks from Arcadia_Missa, William Kherbek and Hannah Black, sited amongst material produced during the residency period.




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