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Hyperstore at Banner Repeater

Saturday 2nd and 23rd July.

During Facebook's current promotion of its live streaming feature, Hyperstore at Banner Repeater will hold two workshops, considering the ways in which social media metrics drive the optimisation of online content. Through critical discussion and a series of live experiments we will explore the complex behaviours of Facebook users, the impact of optimisation, and how this might effect publishing creative content through social media channels.


Hyperstore is a collective that investigates the future of publishing in all its exploded forms. The group consists of 9 graduates from the Royal college of Art's Visual Communication and Critical Writing departments. Their work is particularly concerned with the disconnect between online interfaces and the physical human labour that enables them.  They will be joined by Georgia Perkins currently on a student placement at Banner Repeater from BA Art History at Goldsmiths, University of London.



Charles Rickleton

Robert Hetherington

Franek Wardynski

Roxanne Gatt

Stine Deja

Charlotte-Maeva Perret

Xueling Wang

Lia Forslund

Elizabeth Holdsworth

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