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28th June 7-9pm.

Banner Repeater is excited to host the launch of the online platform: Bizoux and its first trimestrial publication with Noémie Bablet, Lorraine Châteaux and Nikhil Vettukattil.
Bizoux is a platform created by Eloïse Bonneviot with an online and public programme co-curated with Rosanna Puyol.
The evening will consist of a series of presentations by the artists, whose works will be on view through collective navigation in the project space.
Noémie Bablet’s drawings, sculptures and videos display an interest in touch and reflection, textures and surfaces. Paying attention to gestures and postures in everyday life, her work is concerned with patterns, borders, thresholds, covers, rituals and privacy, in relation to observation.  Noemie will read passages of Hanneke Grootenboer’s ‘Treasuring the Gaze’ which studies the 18th Century fashion of miniature portraits of single eyes that were kept by lovers or family members. Rather than the organ itself, it is the gaze of the loved one that is portrayed, representing intimacy and a reciprocity of looking and showing, in resonance with a broader interest in vision and images culture. Noémie will also read poems by Rae Armantrout, ‘Hectic and flexible / flames / are ideal / new bodies for us!’ (R. Armantrout, ‘Transactions’, 2011).
Lorraine Chateaux works mainly with sculpture and installation, considering how design operates within socio-economic and political power relations.  She will focus on ideas of representation in relation to the regularly published images of the NASA Cassini mission - the first spacecraft to enter Saturn’s orbit, recording its interstellar journey since 1997.  Relating the knowledge of space to the realm of art, she considers ideas of the sublime as a place between infinity and interpretation, beyond objects and understanding.
Nikhil Vettukattil’s multidisciplinary practice experiments with ways in which formal techniques of abstraction can alter the ways we interpret everyday experience. His work often explores the possibilities within acts of representation as forms of immanent criticism.  Nikhil will explain the structure and relationships embedded within the fragmentary narrative which forms his work ‘either the nearest or the farthest away’.  Nikhil will draw upon interpretive techniques of motifs, as both signs and tools, thinking through ideas of incompleteness that might allow a multiplicity of interpretations.
Artist Biographies:
Noémie Bablet (b. 1987, France) lives and works in Paris. Recent exhibitions include: ‘Current Residents and Associates’, Greylight Projects, Brussels (2017); Sunday Art Fair, Supplement Gallery, London (2016); ‘Heiwata, Evènement 0’, Cité Internationale des Arts, Paris (2016); ‘Shakkei’, curated by Eleanor Ivory Weber, Cité Internationale des Arts, Paris (2015).
Nikhil Vettukattil (b. 1990, UK) is an artist and writer based in London, recent exhibitions include: ‘A Gift Given In Feudal Fashion’ at Almanac Projects, London (2017); ‘Dream Works’ at the Lethaby Gallery, London (2016), and’Cosmopolitan Universal Cinema’ at Close-Up Cinema, London and the Arnolfini, Bristol (2016). Forthcoming texts include ‘Green Space’ for Take Shape Magazine, New York (2017), and ‘Perception is Reading’ for Notes and Cashmere Radio, Berlin (2017). He has also presented academic papers ‘On the contradictions of Parliamentarism and Democracy’ at Historical Materialism, Beirut (2017) and ‘Image and History’ at the International Critical Theory Conference, Rome (2015).
Lorraine Châteaux (b. 1986, France) is an artist based in Paris. Selected recent exhibitions include: ‘Constellation Pyhrron’, Quark, Geneva (2017); ‘The plates of the present, so far’, curated by Thomas Fougeirol and Jo-ey Tang, Galerie Praz-Delavallade, Paris (2017); ‘Culture Pop Marauders’, curated by Benoît Lamy de la Chapelle, project In Extenso hors les murs, Mains d’Oeuvres, Saint Ouen (2016); ‘Rob a Robe’, Doc, Paris (2016); ‘Le Nouveau Monde Industriel’, curated by Nicolas Bourriaud, Galleria Continua, Boissy-le-Châtel (2016); 61ème Salon de Montrouge, curated by Ami Barak and Marie Gauthier, Montrouge (2016); ‘La salle des montres’, ART-O-RAMA Showroom (2015).


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