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Matter and Miracles


text selected by Rebecca Le Marre


16th April 7-9pm.

“To oversimplify a bit, one might say that to a modern theorist, the problem is to explain how things 'talk', to a medieval theorist, it was to get them to shut up.” 

We will have read and be discussing: Christian Materiality by Carolyn Bynum - Chapter Four – Matter and Miracles, pages 217 – 284.
This session will be lead by Rebecca La Marre and will set the ground for examining Object Oriented Ontology and recent discussions of the ontology of matter as it is relevant to the visual arts.

Some ideas for consideration will include:

  • Matter as abstraction or appearance

  • Matter as change and/or corruption, which leads to:

  • How do conceptions or arguments about matter reflect more broadly on the political and social environment?

  • Philosophy of Matter's origins in Theology after Aristotle.



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