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Edited by: Jamie Sutcliffe & Petra Szemán

Published by Banner Repeater

contributors include: David Blandy, Dawn Chan, Ian Condry, Patrick W. Galbraith, Cole J. Graham, Catherine Harrington, Thomas Lamarre, Deborah Levitt, Sahej Rahal, Jamie Sutcliffe, Petra Szemán

WEEB THEORY is a resource for artists encountering the dreamworlds of Japanese anime, video games, and comic books. It is also, however, a book about the broader conditions of animation and animacy, exploring the relationship between “life” and “image” in a hyper-mediated techno-political milieu.

Edited by writer Jamie Sutcliffe and artist Petra Szemán, and featuring newly commissioned essays, artists’ texts, and interviews with leading practitioners and theorists in the fields of media, philosophy, and anthropology, WEEB THEORY asks:

What does it mean to share our world so intimately with cartoons?

What kinds of life are made possible by the emergent vitalities of the animatic condition?

How might new considerations of empathy, queer desire, or communal responsibility emerge from our production of, or interaction with, animated entities?

Banner-Bad-Review-6 cropped.jpg

Bad Review, 2020


Fiona Banner aka The Vanity Press 

for Banner Repeater


Crepuscular Dreams of (Dis-) Alienation

Chooc Ly Tan

Smart Baby Melanie Jackson.jpeg
Smart Baby
Melanie Jackson


I haven't had a thought longer than 140 characters since 2008

Zarina Muhammad

neoliberal agitprop poster

#losermilitia #glorious #sellout

Jesse Darling

£280     SOLD OUT

Late Capitalism by Yuri Pattison

breathing-xxxx-am-yyyy-I by Anne de Boer

Untitled by John Russell. 2014


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edited by

Jamie Sutcliffe & Petra Szemán

covfefe front face for shop.jpg

covfefe: language

in a meme economy

by Ami Clarke


The Emotional

Labor Union (ELU)

by Megan Snowe


Deeper in the Pyramid

by Melanie Jackson and Esther Leslie

sold out

The Outage

by Erica Scourti


Ami Clarke:

Author of the Blank Swan


Precarious Perversion

by Gabo Guzzo


of a final account in formation

ed: Scott Mason. authors: Harry Burke, Ami Clarke, Chris Fite-Wassilak, John Hill, Chris Kraus, Marti Manen, Lisa Radon, Holly Stephenson.




I want a dyke for president

by Zoe Leonard

printed by Gato Negro Ediciones


The text is now above you by Laure Prouvost

in case you were looking for one of these prints - we're afraid they have now sold out



Interstate 75 by Jacolby Satterwhite



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