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SCREEN TIME: Word in Transit 5 x Yoke Collective


21st March - meeting at Edgware Road Station at 7:30pm

7:30 - 8:30pm Edgware Road to Hackney Downs Station (changing at Liverpool Street)
8:30 - 9:30pm Readings and VR experience at Banner Repeater

Join guest curators Yoke Collective for an evening of performance on the London Underground, arriving at Banner Repeater to launch the publication: SCREEN TIME with readings and contributions from performers, artists and writers.  
Screens saturate our everyday journeys on the tube, from information signs to passengers distracted by smartphones and tablets. Moving image billboards jostle for attention as advertisements crowd the platform and tube carriages, designed to appeal to your best consumer/commuter instincts. A captured audience, speed and distraction contribute to just more junk-time, as Wi-Fi snakes its way underground.
With contributions from: Chlamydia the Band, Ebony Francis, Emma Louise Moore, Francesca Monticelli, Grace Black and Holly Gibbs, Keiken Collective, Lucie Macgregor, Matthew Dowell, Naomi Credé, Roisin Eloise Kerslake-Sim, Sophia Kelly-Keegan, Tuli Litvak, Frances Whorrall-Campbell, Kerry O’Connor, Rosa Hinksman, Rosaleigh Harvey-Otaway and Thomas Cuthbertson.

Yoke Collective is an artistic and curatorial project created by soon to graduate Central Saint Martins BA Fine Art students Emily Roderick and Georgina Rowlands. The relationship between the human and the machine is constantly re-framed as Yoke dualistically resist and embrace the camera's gaze. Within performance works, the female body exists within the context of data collection and tracking, instructional or even demonstrative strategies of resisting the camera's gaze exists in previous works re-enacting anti-surveillance tactics created by activists.
Word in Transit is an artist led performance platform that takes place on a public train carriage. It relishes DIY, amateurish and low-tech performances that are created with ingenuity and creativity. Word in Transit is a chance for artists who want to perform outside of a white space gallery context, or any other traditional performance space.  Word in Transit was founded by recent graduate Campbell McConnell.

The project is supported by the Student Initiative Fund (SIF), part of University of the Arts London, Student Union, intended to help support students in innovative projects such as this.  As such there is no fee to submit proposals, but unfortunately, due to the size of the fund, no available funding for artists fees. More information here:


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