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a pamphlet about a book about a blog by Nina Power


Publisher: Banner Repeater 2012

Printed at Argun. 8-page folded paper, edition of: 500. 10.5 x 29.7 cm. Colour - digital print.

ISSN 2050-795X


Nina Power (Senior Lecturer in Philosophy, Roehampton University, and lecturer at the Royal College Critical Writing in Art and Design Programme) will be considering how different technologies mediate the experience of writing, reading and publishing.


When writing her book "One-Dimensional Woman" (Zer0 books, 2009), which took a selection of material from her blog, the specific conditions and form of writing and publishing became apparent, from on-line blogging to traditional print media.


The work was commissioned during the exhibition: The Map is The Territory at Banner Repeater.



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