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curated by Zuzana Flaskova

8th April – 29th April 2011.

New video work The Reading by Maria Theodoraki.

Maria Theodoraki works with images, performance and text.  Working with curator Zuzana Flaskova she was asked to respond to an excerpt of an essay by writer and critic Liz Kotz, describing a film by an artist whose identity remained unknown.

Limiting the reading further, Zuzana removed parts of the text, and Maria, also responding in kind, has gone on to develop a complex interpolation of text, film and curatorial instruction.

The film described in Liz Kotz's text is also showing in London during April throughout the screening of The Reading.

How the new work relates to its predecessor/original, and continues to develop further, will be explored in an artist’s talk and tour, with Maria and Zuzana on the 17th April.

17th April artists talk and tour: Maria Theodoraki and Zuzana Flaskova.

2pm, meeting at Banner Repeater, screening and drinks.
3pm, leave BR by rail to visit Ambika P3.
4pm, meet at Ambika P3, University of Westminster, 35 Marylebone Road, London NW1 5LS.



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