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by Prayas Abhinav


Publisher: Banner Repeater and, 2013

Printed by Cybera, Ahmedbad, Gujarat, India.

12-page flded paper, edition of: 500. 18.8 x 24.5cm. Colour - digital print.

ISSN 2050-795X


A publication by Prayas Abhinav for UN-PUBLISH:OUTSOURCED. A two part exhibition project with artists Tara Kelton and Prayas Abhinav organised by for Banner Repeater's serial publication: UN-PUBLISH.


The Museum is an archive of enshrined desires that are contextualised as vestigial (or redundant) through text and performances. The vestigial is the asynchronous, the dated, the ornamental that has lost its function. The museum is a universe, which is entirely constructed by myself. There is no leaning on any meta-narrative for foundational support.


The Museum was born out of such needs felt. In an environment of sophisticated mannerism that we live in, social networks have become theatrical episodes. These theatrical episodes do not have any flexibility or elasticity for the person that I can assume as a participant. To be transparent in such a network is virtually impossible. I felt a need to be clear, direct and anambigous about my relationship with the world. The possibility of holding onto a thread and unwinding the whole narrative becomes real when questioning and philosophical extrapolation become the rules. The texts that I write to justify the enshrinement of each desire that I find being performative and synthetic make up the museum. The Museum is made of text.


The Source book ponders on the question of where everything came from. This is the most powerful question possible. Getting to describe and frame where everything came from is a rare privilege and it is an opportunity to unpack many elements of our culture and our expectation from it.






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