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Writers Forum workshop – Saturday 8th October 3.30-5.30pm.

WF Workshop was founded by the late Bob Cobbing, poet, painter, musician as Writers Forum. It has been meeting every few weeks since 1963, and before that in different form. WFW is now administered by Lawrence Upton and Tina Bass.

WF Workshop is open to any and all who support its rather broad aims which include, primarily, experimentation in intermedia where the arts overlap and mix, particularly music, poetry and graphic art. This includes “sound poetry” and “visual poetry”; but among our current regulars we have those who are primarily graphic artists and musicians. We have a considerable interest in multivoice writing. We might call it Expanded Poetry.

Meetings are chaired, but not intrusively. The aim is to give everyone wishing to participate a chance to be heard and seen, if they wish to take it. The amount of time available depends on how many come, of course. If someone does not get a fair turn at one meeting, then they will be prioritised the next.

We have a policy of not telling the other where they are wrong but rather how they might improve their work.

Because it is a workshop, the aim is not to try to present a flawless performance each time but rather to investigate work in progress and to learn from each other. We say: “Ambition for Poetry, not the poet.”

There is no charge for attendance and, space permitting, we welcome those who wish to watch before deciding whether they wish to participate.

We shall gather at Banner Repeater between 3 pm and 3:30 pm; and then run as a workshop for the next two hours.

NB To aid our concentration, we ask people to be on time if at all possible.


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