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we are currently working online only - thanks for your understanding

Banner Repeater is deliberately sited on a train station platform with 11,000 people passing a day, to distribute excellent Art and Artists publishing straight into the mainstream.  Due to the pandemic, this is of course, now, a hotspot of potential contagion.  We are working towards ways to re-open with extra safety measures in place.

Launch of the Digital Archive of Artists’ Publishing (DAAP)

ASP - Artists Self Publishing fair - ICA - online
Sunday 27th September 2020
2-7pm BST

DAAP Workshop at ASP  
3-5pm BST

Please join us for the soft launch of the Digital Archive of Artists Publishing (DAAP) at ASP (Artists' Self Publishing) fair on Sunday 27th September from 2-7pm BST.

We will be holding an accompanying workshop at 3pm to introduce users to the software via zoom on the DAAP page on the ASP site - sign up below, and answering questions and selling publications throughout the fair, at the Banner Repeater link on ASP

For general hanging out: Banner Repeater zoom meeting ID: 748 7367 4806 Passcode: 700733.

For the workshop: you will be sent a zoom link once you have signed up - see below.



Digital Archive of Artists Publishing (DAAP)

The Digital Archive of Artists Publishing (DAAP) is an interactive, user-driven, searchable database of Artists’ Books and publications, that acts as a hub to engage with others, built by artists, publishers, and a community of producers in contemporary Artists’ Publishing, developed via an ethically driven design process and open-data methodology.

A collaborative project, with the support of Wikimedia UK, it is inspired by the site of Banner Repeater’s public Archive of Artists’ Publishing on Hackney Downs train station, with 11,000 people passing a day, in response to the need for a similarly dynamic approach to archiving in an online context.

We have drawn upon the working knowledge of users and archivists alike, to develop a database with sufficient complexity, whilst remaining searchable, that affords multiple histories to develop, confronting issues of authorship and representation, whilst addressing the challenges of cataloguing often deliberately difficult to categorise materials. 

DAAP is committed to challenging the politics of traditional archives that come of issues regarding inclusion and accessibility, from a post-colonial, critical gender and LGBTQI perspective. The project will work to ensure an equitable and ethical design process occurs throughout the archive development. 

DAAP Workshop at ASP  
3-5pm BST

Join us for an ongoing series of workshops to learn how to use the new software we are developing for the Digital Archive of Artists’ Publishing.
During the workshop we will open up the strategies and software that the technological team have developed, with a focus on the software applications developed by the Wikimedia Foundation, and how these can contribute to a more ethically driven archival process. 
Before the workshop select your own Artists’ Publications - zines, artists’ books, and other experiments in artists’ publishing - ready for upload, data about the items, and any anecdotal histories you wish to share. The workshops will involve software training and user testing sessions, that in turn inform the design and development of the technological stack of the archive. (Please note that you will need a laptop or desktop computer to participate in the workshop.)
Throughout the workshop there will be time for questions and discussion particularly focusing on the ethics and biases which may be explicitly or implicitly embedded in database and archive infrastructures.

Sign up for the workshop.

Places are limited to 20 people for the workshop, due to the group dynamics of learning online, so please RSVP early. A zoom link will be sent in advance for those participating.

​To reserve your spot, please fill out this short form:

​To keep in touch with further workshops and news about DAAP join the mailing list here.

DAAP has been initially seeded with the contents of the Archive of Artists Publishing at Banner Repeater, Hackney Downs. Those already included in the archive will be contacted soon, to upload further anecdotal histories associated with their publication/s.  


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