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title: The Outage

artist: by Erica Scourti

2nd edition.

The Outage is a ghostwritten memoir based on the artist Erica Scourti’s digital footprint.

Each book draws on profiles and data based on her public and semi-private online activity, obtained through the expertise of professionals working within the fields of cyber security, digital privacy, and social profiling.


Working with a ghostwriter, the material collected informs the basis of a text narrating her memoirs, extrapolating different versions of her aggregate data self, constructed through her digital footprint.

Published by Banner Repeater.
Second paperback edition printed 2014 in the United Kingdom

Published by Banner Repeater during the exhibition: Snow Crash 

Designed and set by Eva Charlton,
with Erica Scourti and Ami Clarke.
Text by J. A. Harrington
92 pages,

b+w with colour cover,

paperback format.
ISBN 978-0-9929176-1-6

£10 plus £3.40 p+p
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