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Associate Membership Peer Programme


Annual membership includes:


  • Domino nights - one person invites another person, who then invites another – to present recent, or in progress works in the project space for open discussion.

  • Studio visits (previously Fiona Banner)

  • 10% off in the bookshop


If you would like to take part in Domino nights please contact to express your interest.  We aim to organise 4 of these annually, but this could change depending on demand.


Please join the mailing list to be kept up to date with membership news.


Your contribution directly supports:


  • Rent and essential running costs

  • New Artworks, Artists’ Publishing and Performance Commissions

  • Commissioning new lectures/talks that generate discussion of important ideas in art today

  • Sustaining on-going reading groups

  • Development of the Digital Archive of Artists’ Publishing: BookBlast

  • Ensuring that excellent and challenging art remains visible in a busy public space


The AMPP membership scheme is run by volunteers on a part time basis, so please do bear with us when sending emails. We will always try and answer your questions within 7 working days, however this may not always be possible. 

if you would like to make a donation


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