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Precarious Perversion

by Gabo Guzzo

Precarious Perversion by Gabo Guzzo is a collection of 91 very short stories, micro-episodes of scattered daily life that explore new possibilities in human agency within the Anthropocene (the recent age of man), which is defined by the influence of humanity’s collective actions.

Precarious Perversion continues Guzzo’s previous participatory and interdisciplinary project: The Geological Turn: Art and the Anthropocene staged while in residency at Banner Repeater, (, formed in collaboration with atmospheric chemist and Nobel Laureate Paul Crutzen, artist and writer Rasheed Araeen, art critic TJ Demos and geologist Jan Zalasiewicz.

The Geological Turn was the first artist-led project to address the concept of The Anthropocene.

The stories were inspired by a connection between two words: precarity and perversion, traced on the participatory and collectively drawn diagram during his residency in 2012. The work develops Guzzo’s research into human nature and the tension to be found between nature and culture, science and myth, chance and control.


18 × 13 cm, Gold Paperback, 2015

£10 plus £3.40 p+p
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