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friday and saturday shifts 12-6pm

automated calendar that shows when shifts are fulfilled

and when someone needs to fill them

Characterising the new BR







Volunteer led org



If you are a part of the artists’ publishing community and have an interest in helping out at the public Archive of Artists’ Publishing that is held at Banner Repeater, on a Friday or Saturday, or would like to engage more with the DAAP (the Digital Archive of Artists’ Publishing) then please get in touch to volunteer.


Banner Repeater has always been run on an enormous amount of goodwill, and many voluntary contributions, in terms of time, whilst doing our best to consistently raise ACE funding for the arts programme, and associated talks, lectures, and publishing for the past decade


We are looking for ways for the DAAP to take up more of a prominent position in the workings of Banner Repeater, and thinking through ways of supporting each-other more, in terms of sharing the hours it takes to run a physical space.


Banner Repeater presents still, a highly visible, accessible, and conceptually grounded project: an enquiry into artistic ways of working within a networked and hybrid sense of what that might amount to today.


The founder of Banner Repeater Ami Clarke has a commitment as a carer since the pandemic, as well as focussing on her own practice more, that is also engaged in similar ideas, but with a philosophical as well as actual engagement with climate concerns through her Posthuman Eco_nomics project. And hence is simply not available in the way that they once were; dedicated entirely to the BR project.



Please get in touch at if you would like to be a part of raising the profile of artists publishing today, on a working train station platofrm, with over 11,000 people, passing. 


Hours/days: Friday or Saturday from 12pm-6pm.  It would be best if you could do a couple of months, at least, please, in terms of being able to schedule opening hours in advance.


We are open to small projects that can sit within the larger project of either Banner Repeater and/or the DAAP. 


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