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Edited by: Jamie Sutcliffe & Petra Szemán

Published by Banner Repeater

contributors include: David Blandy, Dawn Chan, Ian Condry, Patrick W. Galbraith, Cole J. Graham, Catherine Harrington, Thomas Lamarre, Deborah Levitt, Sahej Rahal, Jamie Sutcliffe, Petra Szemán

WEEB THEORY is a resource for artists encountering the dreamworlds of Japanese anime, video games, and comic books. It is also, however, a book about the broader conditions of animation and animacy, exploring the relationship between “life” and “image” in a hyper-mediated techno-political milieu.

Edited by writer Jamie Sutcliffe and artist Petra Szemán, and featuring newly commissioned essays, artists’ texts, and interviews with leading practitioners and theorists in the fields of media, philosophy, and anthropology, WEEB THEORY asks:

What does it mean to share our world so intimately with cartoons?

What kinds of life are made possible by the emergent vitalities of the animatic condition?

How might new considerations of empathy, queer desire, or communal responsibility emerge from our production of, or interaction with, animated entities?

Published by Banner Repeater.

120mm x 170mm
262 Pages
Black and White
ISBN: 978-0-9929176-8-5


£12 plus p+p
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